A young boy sleeps in the woods at dawn
a hunter rises at dusk
and I, an animal so lost within my skin
find myself trapped in his bloody shadow.
He’s my favourite breed of man
and I’m his loveliest prey,
with eyes that disperse love like venom
that make me forget his blade –
when he touches me I’m like bubblegum
lungs against his metal teeth.
He tears my flesh apart in new ways
just to find his favourite piece
yet looks at me like all things hungry
gaze upon something sweet.
So take the gun from my trembling hands –
hold it to my heart
for I was never much of a shooter
but I like being shot.
I’m made of ash that’s pink and black
burn me and you’ll see,
it was a hunter who taught me how to love
touch me and you’ll know.

She did not proceed to devour me all
at once. She took one bite, let me grow and
mature to the man i am today, before
taking all the vital organs. I lay helpless
as she then ate what was left of me. Such
cunning, such artistry

          We consumed each other, skin, flesh and bones. Still, we weren’t enough for us. We love the taste of others, too.

Submitted to ArtParasites by Sanchitha Seshadri, Allen Mallari and Arzen Rodis


Published by

estée ng

i love things that are categorised as odd. if you love the taste that i'm associate with, welcome.

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