to tom, thank you for being here.

hi this is just a little rambling of me telling you about some little updates in my life.

from the past month i have been suffering quite an irritable disease to my stomach which was and is really painful, causing me IBS and extreme depression. long term short, it changes my whole life upside down. it is not a rare illness, almost 8/10 people will have some sort of problem to their stomach, either mild or extreme, but the biggest factor that can cause this is stress. so figuring it out, we (as my family) decided to get a dog to maybe somehow help me with my life while i’m basically 24/7 at home not going to school or work (there’s a reason for that, i’m not uneducated okay?).

well here comes my little baby. he’s tom, a husky, we bought/rescued him in district 10 from a very poor place, they caged him, not giving enough food, he was in bad condition both the body and the mind, he even had diarrhea when he first got home. you might’ve known, husky is such an energetic and out-going dog breed, they’re an escape artist and demand such high attention and care. tom is in the opposite spectrum, he’s reserved, shy and easily scared of little things like the car horn, the door bell and running objects. it took him nearly 2 weeks to get used to the surroundings and me, which i guess that it is quite good of him.

(there you go, it’s tom)

once he has known where he is now and what he’s up to, he’s such a sweet, quiet and gentle dog, he hardly refuses any petting or communication but when it’s enough, it’s enough, he’ll lift his paws and go away. i think of him as a dog with the soul of a cat, when i need him, he’ll sleep and ignore me completely, when i think i should give up on him that day, he’ll follow me every-single-where. he was really hard on eating, he did not eat anything at first and it took around 1 hour to feed him each meal, but now he’s working fine with his high-energy gel food that encourages him to eat and provides him energy.

funny story here: there’s another husky in my area but that guy thought tom was a female dog and humped on him from first glance. now everytime when we walk by, tom will run the sht out of that place but yesterday he could not escape from that perverted dog. well well, a love story has started.

can animals be gay or is it that they’re just stupid?

anyway, thank you tom for being here in this house. you have helped me a lot getting through my depression. when i’m gone, see you in july 2016.

lots of love from estée to you xx


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estée ng

i love things that are categorised as odd. if you love the taste that i'm associate with, welcome.

5 thoughts on “to tom, thank you for being here.”

  1. Đúng là ngta bảo nuôi chó mèo để tránh stress mà xD
    Em chó dễ cưng quá đi, mỗi lần đọc truyện đều thấy ngta tả husky ngô ngố gì đâu á.


      1. He he, nghe tả thấy cưng quá à >\\\< cũng thích nuôi chó thêm mà nhà có em mèo bá đạo nên không nuôi được x"D

        Mà ẻm với em chó sở khanh kia sao ồi? =))))


  2. Hihi, thích chó nên đường đột comment, chủ nhà cứ lơ mình đê. Mà nói nhỏ là động vật cũng có gay á, một số loài đã đc các nhà khoa học phát hiện là cóa đó


  3. Con chó nhà chị đáng yêu quá ❤
    (Em vô tình vào nhà chị đọc review đam mỹ, không ngờ lại đọc được về một bạn chó dễ xương ghê á 😀 )


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