[onthespotreview] begin again- we’re never late for the game

Can A Song Save Your Life? - Marie Claire - Maroe Claire UK:

let’s be real and honest, i have never ever come across an amazing romantic movie like this, like we have to begin the whole fucking thing again.

you know, people have different opinions, you may have a fucking weird idea about a thing and it becomes controversial then you’re a total idiot who’s odd. i am one, i listen to the kind of music that is unrecognisable, unnoticed, the ones that have such dark, gloomy and creepy lyrics and they just haunt the crap out of the soul, i wanna share this thing that i’m into, like how marika hackman scares the shit out of my head, to other people, but i know, by the time i play that song to them, i’m gonna get those sort of looks that say “you crazy are what, what kind of music you are listening to?”.

my perspective on music is like this: music is not only about those songs on billboard or those that earn a grammy or more, music is about an invisible hand which lightly scratches your soul, leaves a mark that makes you proud that you have found such magical spark of light in life, you know that sort of music that you are never get bored of, always dance along, lose yourself innit and cry the fucking tears out of it. music is about emotion, is a drug, is an incurable sickness.

the struggle to people like me is finding the perfect fit, the perfect music soul mate who understands. i’ve never found one, but i find that invisible friend in “begin again”. i know it’s a long introduction to this movie’s review, but it’s so good and it tags me along.

new york, a city of dreams, of freedom, of temptation and of emptiness. you can find all kinds of people here, the famous ones, the loved ones, the caring ones, the lost ones. in this movie you see a lost star wandering through every note of a melody, every frame of a dream. a london girl, dressing elegantly and differently, speaking that british accent, loses her self between the parallel forces of two men, wanting her in the life but things go differently in the two paths. one is held from his family, one is held with fame. at the end, they have what they want, and the girl is left owning an alone screen, tears in her eyes and smiling. she might have discovered what she can be doing in life, or knowing that she can let things go and be rational and move on.

There were signs all around
It really got my mind racing
You were right all along
Something’s gotta change

the ending is brilliant. dave finishes his song which was written by gretta, witnessed gretta leave and he’s officially a new lost star, yes he’s got the fame, but he has lost the love of his life, and that guy will be floating in an ocean regretting for what he’s done. gretta rides her bike and the path leads to no where, that bike is not stable, that is not a vehicle choice that can carry and be with you for the rest of your life, she lives in a flat with her friend, people have life, she’ll be flying in the sky of europe and not staying in that flat and new york city for the rest of her life. dan gets back to his wife and his girl, they may live a happy life together til they’re old and grey, but dan obviously has feelings for gretta, that connection still clings through those kisses and hugs.

My whole life’s turned around
For this thing you keep chasing
You were right all along
But it’s me who’s got to change

an hourglass cannot be fulfilled with sand, new york city cannot be taken by the famous successful ones, times change and people change. gretta will be one of the piece of sand, assimilate to that community, be a successful wandering free indie star, or go back to england and carry on her uni work. this movie has not done anything til the end completely, things are being shown undone, because it is undone, it will begin again so that the period will not stop the sentence

Hold on, hold on they’re not for me
Hold on, cause everything’s coming up roses, roses

keira knightley has played it so well. her slim body, her british accent, her sweet unprofessional voice, that makes my first and possibly most awesome female main character. well done. a round of applause for you keira!

a good 10/10.

11:04 PM. 


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