[vid] a little tea tutorial

Hey there, i was having my tea and thought to myself why not making a video just to show you how i make my tea!

Here i was using twinnings english breakfast, the teabag one, if you are having the leaves, then use approximately 1 tsp/ person.

(Short video is embeded below)

This Is What A Cup Of Tea Looks Like In 22 Different Countries.  Beautiful example of how so many places in the world can enjoy the same thing while showing the uniqueness of their separate cultures.:

1. choose your mug:

For me i like to have mine in a glory house mug that family bought in thailand. you can see it in the video Nice thick handle, a fat body with a silvery band on top, its shade of green just makes the tea looks so delicious.

2. tea bag or leaves:

As I mentioned above, you can use either tea bag or leaves.

I’m quite a picky person, I like to have MY tea because drinking ones that some tea houses in saigon make me feel so offended. I don’t know why, their tea weren’t nice at all, at least to my taste, they all used leaves which I thought should be good but it wasn’t. I drank EB in partea, it was horrible. The smell of the tea was so bad, the milk was spoiled and displayed some milk precipitate, gross.

Therefore, if you are happy with your tea bag, use it. Buying the leaves will be much more expensive, if you don’t want to risk yourself then pick the safe option. But if you want to try out different and invest in the things you like, try from the famous brand (maybe stay away from sg tea houses’ leaves, nope nope nope).

3. let it brew (and strain it afterwards).

EB should be brewed for 3-4 minutes depends on how strong you want your tea to be. I like to have mine done after 5 minutes.

Straining the tea bag is optional here. When you strain the tea bag, it will release a substance called the tannin which delivers bitterness to your beverage.

4. Add sugar/milk/coffee matte

I use coffe matte personally as I can’t stand heavy dairy product, 1 tsp of coffee matte is used to my preferrence. When I use milk, I add it until the white smokey layer of milk emerges on top. Sugar is not my choice, but if you feel it, do it.

5. enjoy it. 

excuse me for the lighting and the audio quality..


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