We have a crush on Benedict Cumberbatch, problem?

A l’ttle mumble and bumble.

So I’ve just watched a 32 second interview of Benedict Cumberbatch talking about his recent cry on “Birdman”, and i was absolutely stunned (in a good way). Benedict is like a classic to me, if you ask me about a man with the sexiest voice- it’s got to be Benedict; the most mysterious man- Benedict; a photobomber- Benedict; the weirdest- Benedict.


Don’t judge a book by its cover, i did not love Benedict from first sight, probably no one ever. But whether that he has a strange chin, an odd smile, an awful hairstyle or clothes on, or like his gesture is kooky, we are still attracted to him, because he is different in his own way, unique in that sense. Problem?

You say”What’s wrong with his hair?”, “Is he wearing a pijama?”, but let me remind you: that man who looks like a mess, is a lady killer.  And why is it a problem that celebrity cannot just wear a t-shirt and jeans, a plain shirt with his hair undone?

If he appears to me and he dresses like this, I would be feeling better than him in his perfect tailored suit and hair slicked back. Why? Because nobody wants to sit with a celebrity who tries to be a queen and a peacock who sits on top of your head!

now you’re pleased?


and let me tell you a benedict problem:

when we as cumberbitches, click onto any of his interview, there will be at least 3 times that the replay button is clicked. why? because the first 2 times, we are lost in that deep low sexy voice, and the third time and beyond, we try to concentrate on what he is telling.


plus, if you had a man who was liking you, and he was like this, will you be holding back?

Benedict Cumberbatch Asks His Wife The Same Cute Question On Every Red Carpet

Benedict Cumberbatch Asks His Wife The Same Cute Question On Every Red Carpet

Benedict Cumberbatch Asks His Wife The Same Cute Question On Every Red Carpet


now you still got any problem with my crush?


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estée ng

i love things that are categorised as odd. if you love the taste that i'm associate with, welcome.

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