RHODES: a wild predator sings

recently i have been dying for a singer called RHODES, im so deeply in love with him i thought i should make a blog post to share with you guys.

shall we begin?

RHODES, i’d describe him as a predator who sings and kills. there is a wild obvious thing to this gentlement, it is revealed on his face, through his voice and his look.

RHODES is a british musician who plays folk.

his songs are a net that catches the fish. the melody is haunting, fascinating, when combined with his flexible vocal which may potrait a kind man whispering his words to his lovers or a wild wolf howling, it is a magical spell. the lyrics are not particularly as gloomy as it could get, or as excellent as a piece of art, not creepy like marika hackman’s, but it is enough to kill his targeted person.

I would die for, I would die for thee
So get in my heart

his voice is not special to be easily regconised in the world full of artists, if compared with a sour and ghost-like voice of sivu, RHODES would be so ordinary, but along those mainstreams singers, RHODES is so outstanding with the animal soul in his voice, a soul with lust, pain and sorrow. such a talent, he turns blank space into a sad tune, and enlightens the madness in the lyrics that taylor swift cannot deliver through her version.

hearing him sing is like feeling an ecstacy. watching him sing, is another story. if a leopard could sing, that would be RHODES. those wrinkles around his mouth, his baby blue eyes, the piercings and an elegant or swaggy outfit, they’ll bring his performance to another level: audiovisual.

try hearing this amazing formula: RHODES + Burberry = Perfection:

his album “Wishes” is expected to be released in September 18, 2015, pre-order here on amazon.


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estée ng

i love things that are categorised as odd. if you love the taste that i'm associate with, welcome.

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