The Tea Tag

Nobody tagged me, I just do it for myself.

The Downton Abbey effect ~ the old-school ritual of hot tea no matter what the season.

The Questions:
1. Hot or cold? -Hot.
2. Strong or weak? -Depends on what type of tea it is. If I want anything to the tea then I’ll make it strong to maintain the taste.
3. Loose leaf or tea bags? -Tea bags mostly but I’d say loose leaf for chinese tea.
4. Do you buy your tea out or steep it at home? -Steep it at home.
5. Favourite cold tea? -Peach tea.
6. Favourite hot tea? -Darjeeling.
7. When do you like to drink your tea? -After breakfast and dinner.
8. What do you like in your tea? Milk, cream, sugar, etc? -Milk, never sugar.
9. Have you always liked tea?  -I’d say yes.
10. What tea do you recommend? -Darjeeling.
11. Do you have a favourite brand of tea? -So far Twinnings.
12. Least favourite tea? -Earl Grey and French Vanilla.
13. Is there a particular snack you like to eat with your tea? -Nope.
14. What is your favourite mug? -Undecided, but ones by Grey Hound are good.


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estée ng

i love things that are categorised as odd. if you love the taste that i'm associate with, welcome.

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